Monday, November 1, 2010

An Uplifting Post

Claudia sportin' her authentic Hungarian play dress
Pick me up, Daddy.
Pick me up & twirl me!
up, up...
and away!
the air up there must not have that much oxygen...

... because CC acts a little crazy when she comes back down!

Please ignore the junk and mess in the background. We're still stuck in this tiny, cluttered apartment after 6 weeks. We already have our house... just no furniture. I'm quite certain that our sea shipment was hijacked by pirates. I get a different arrival date every time I speak with the relocation company. Oh well, such is life. Russell is in Dallas this week and we miss him so much. Here are some funny pictures of Claudia in her new authentic Hungarian dress, playing with Daddy before he left. The girl loves Daddy to swing her. This dress was about 4400 forent ($22) and its completely handsewn, smocked and embroidered. I need to find the Hungarian lady who made this & commission her to make some dresses for Claudia. She actually liked the dress and tried to put it back on when we took it off. That's a first!


  1. Hope you had a better day today!

  2. Thanks, Carey. I did! Much better. =) Just really ready for Russell to be back!


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