Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gallert Hill

view of Elisabeth Bridge from the Church in the Rocks
located in Gallert Hill
Monument to King Istvan and his horse, Old Paint.
He converted Hungary to Christianity in the year 1000.
I'm only guessing that he named his horse "Old Paint."
a view of Gallert Hotel and Baths from Gallert Hill
Enjoying the park at Gallert Hill.
I suspect that the graffiti tags read "awesome swing", "sure to delight your baby"
Have I mentioned the trees here are beautiful?
That's Miss Chelsea in the corner.
Claudia cannot get enough of Chelsea.
the maze of slides.
I think there were about 8, varying in lengths from about 10 to 50 feet.
These parents are probably thinking "where the heck is my kid?"
This place was crawling with little Magyars.
Here I am helping Claudia enjoy the slide.
she had fun. =)

On Saturday, Claudia and I accompanied the Stanteens to a trip to Gallert Hill. Gallert Hill, located on the Buda side, is where you'll find the famous Gallert Baths. These are some very popular thermal baths. We fully intend to try them out when our swimsuits (and other household items!) arrive in Budapest... which may or may not be this Thursday. Gallert Hill also has some spectacular slides that are very popular with Budapest children. Because they're so big, Claudia needed me to accompany her on the slides. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. When I came home, I researched Gallert Hill. Sorry, I'm not going to tell you how Gallert Hill got its name. It's too much of a downer and these pics are too fun. If you are interested, just google "Bishop Gallert" + "barrel" "rolled downhill." That's all I'm going to say about that. Big thanks to the Stanteens for the great pics!


  1. That slide does look super fun! Claudia is precious! And I'm not real sure about Miles eating grass--why does he do anything he does, like clap with his hands spread wide open--it's weird!!


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