Sunday, November 28, 2010

Claudia's First (Real) Snow

I woke early Saturday morning, looked out the window, aaaaanndd....
... screamed at Russell... "Wake up! WAKE UP! It's snowing!!!" The first order of business was to get Claudia suited up and outside.
She didn't exactly share our enthusiasm.
Truth be told, she seemed annoyed.
You see, I left some important toys in the yard that have now disappeared.
That said, she certainly enjoyed tasting the freshly fallen snow.
Look close. See that little tongue going in for a lick?
Good thing it wasn't a flag pole. We tried to keep her mittens on, but she wouldn't have it.
Here was the most important toy that was nearly lost in the snow.
I was a little sad to see my rose garden completely wiped out.
Still, isn't this lone survivor beautiful?
Russell pretty much went berserk and started pelting us with snowballs.
After a while, we brought Bop in to warm up.
She insisted that the pants come off, but the hat stay on.
Now, some pretty shots.
Somewhere our driveway is under that snow.
our gate, submerged in snow.
the patio... throw pillows frozen in place to the chairs
After the snow, I made some cinnamon streusel, homemade of course.
Just add Betty Crocker + tojas + tej + stolaj.
Claudia learned how to say "muffin" on Saturday.
She was pleased with herself.
Russell stayed outside and pelted us with snowballs. Such a boy.
... a boy with decent aim.
Here's a pic from dinner Sunday night.
Claudia is cramming an entire sacher torte in her mouth.
Others look on with surprise and respect.
Like her mother, she appreciates a good torte.

Snow, snow and more snow! The first snow of Saturday turned Russell and me into giddy children. We ran, we played, we flung snowballs at each other. If you can't tell from the pictures, Claudia was less than thrilled about the snow and quickly reigned us in by suggesting we get to work shoveling the driveway. She's practical like that. Truly though, the snow was beautiful and I am so thankful to be experiencing this amazing place. I'm sure the novelty of the snow will dissipate long before the foot of snow accumulating outside does, but for now I am so happy to be in below-freezing Budapest, in a warm house, with the snow quietly falling outside. I am also thankful to our heaven sent next door neighbors who pulled our car out of the snow today. We discovered we are living next door to an American family who is originally from Wyoming... they pulled our car from the bottom of our steep street up to our house, then helped us shovel our driveway. Hallmark doesn't make cards for stuff like that, so I'll be baking a thank you tomorrow.


  1. Great pics! Cade wasn't a fan, either. Neighbors - what a concept! That is a true blessing here!

  2. Totally... I'm about to bake them a cake. =)

  3. I love these pictures! Considering your southern roots, I'm not sure how you're surviving all that snow!

  4. i'm so jealous! i LOVE snow! hope c gets used to it!

  5. Thanks! I just hope I can get used to driving in it. :)


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