Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Claus has Come to Town!

happy CC
Claudia stealing toys from Audrey
Claudia getting scared at the thought of getting put on the "naughty" list
Claudia and Audrey posing with me and Jessie
Russell, Tanner & Will with Claudrey
Claudia and Jaanya exchange hugs, with Russell & Raj's help
all the McLendons paying Santa a visit
Claudia very excited to see Santa
me, Claudia, Jaanya & Delana

Yesterday we had a Christmas party and Santa Claus paid us a surprise visit! Claudia, Audrey & Jaanya all got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. All the babies seemed pretty excited about Santa, but they were more excited about the baby "pit," which I created in the living room. It consisted of a big blanket surrounded by pillow walls, with lots of toys to play with. I got the idea from Gram, who also has created a "pit" in her living room. We were so excited to share the afternoon with great friends and enjoy a bunch of yummy food. I also had my first wassail. It was delicious. Claudia had a great time playing with her friends and getting to tell Santa what is on her wishlist. We can't wait for him to make his next visit on December 24th! Ho ho ho!

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