Monday, December 7, 2009

Want to go for a ride?

Claudia riding high in the buggie with Meher
stopping by to check out the fishies

Today when I picked Claudia up from Creme she was going for a ride in the Byebyebuggie with some of her friends. The Byebyebuggie is an eight passenger cart with stadium seating (seriously) that the Creme babies ride around in when they need some fresh air. I found them inspecting all the cool fish in the aquarium. Miss Cindi was teaching them how to sign the word fish. Although she looks kind of out-of-it in the pictures, Claudia was having a blast riding in the buggie. Maybe we should get one for the house!


  1. Audrey would love to come join the buggy with Claudia!

  2. Jackson wants to join the buggy, too. That looks like so much fun. Claudia looks too cute!


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