Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gobble Gobble ... Sniffle Sniffle ... Cough Cough

my little turkey
sweet girl about to crash after a long Thanksgiving
me, CC (in pjs & ready for bed!) and Uncle Nathan
This is how most of the day went, bless her heart.
CC's first Thanksgiving

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving! We traditionally go to Oak Ridge and Mer Rouge to celebrate Thanksgiving with the McLendon family, but this year we had to cancel our plans, at the last minute because of work. Unfortunately work has been crazy busy, due to some nasty pretrial deadlines. The silver lining to the whole ordeal is that we were much better off staying in town and celebrating Thanksgiving at Gram & Grandpa's... poor Claudia got really sick on the day of Thanksgiving, running a high fever. If we had been on the road, it could have been really bad. Gram made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner... CC even snatched a mitt full of corn casserole & stuck it in her mouth before we could catch her. Sneaky girl got an upgrade from her pureed peas! Plus, we got to visit with Uncle Nathan! It was so good to see him & Claudia was delighted with the doll he brought her. Thanks, Uncle Nathan! And thanks Gram & Grandpa for the wonderful Thanksgiving!

So, fast forward a few days, Claudia starts feeling better, then makes a turn for the worse today. We just took her to the doctor & found out she has bronchiolitis (not bronchitis). It causes her to cough so badly she starts vomiting and choking. Poor thing is pretty miserable. We have this little machine that we use to give her breathing treatments every four hours. She breathes in a mist that has a muscle relaxer for her lungs that will help her to successfully cough up all the junk in her lungs. Dr. Injac said she should be fine in about two weeks. She did her first breathing treatment and Dr. Injac said she did very well. We will keep you posted on Princess' progress.

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  1. Poor Baby! At least she looked beautiful in her smocked dress. We'll be thinking of CC. Keep us posted on how she is feeling!


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