Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crossing Bridges, Running from Bears, Yelling at the Table, Etc.

Széchenyi lánchíd (Chain Bridge) is my favorite bridge of all in Budapest, but Szabadsag Hid (Liberty Bridge), the one pictured, is a close second.  Plus, it's just perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  
We walked across the bridge to get to the Great Market Hall the other day and Claudia decided to strike a pose for some camera happy tourists.  Posing for tourists in random spots gives her great joy.   Because I am also camera happy, I snapped some pics too.
This is the new dinnertime ritual of yelling in each other's faces. They get about two inches from each other and start hollering, in the same tone, and then they laugh, laugh, laugh.  It immediately follows the blessing and precedes the dining.  I'd put a stop to it if it didn't make them laugh so much.  It makes me laugh too.  I can't stop it!
Claudia was in the "time out corner."  Patrick toddled over and brought her toys.  He was so proud of himself.  She was actually in time out for pushing him over (very much on purpose), but since Patrick was so forgiving, the "time out corner" turned into a play corner that day.
Don't you worry about Patrick.  The future footballer is perfecting his three point stance and other tough guy moves.
Mid day bath following about five bowls of spaghetti between them.
Me:  Claudia can I get you to wear your smile?
Claudia:  Nem.
Claudia running for her life in Budakeszi Vadaspark (wild animal park).  Daddyboy told her a bear was right behind her.  This child can run like the wind blows.  If there was a bear behind her, I think she'd be just fine.
Claudia (and someone else in this picture) doesn't consider it a proper wagon ride until about three wheels have left the ground.
New milestone achieved - cup drinking! (never you mind that half the milk dribbled down his chin, tummy and legs to the foot rest of his high chair).  I'm so proud!
Massive slides at Gellert Hill revisited.

A little baking.  I bet you always forget to measure the bowl with your head.  Not my Claudia!
We are so happy that winter is almost over.  We can even feel a  little spring in our steps!


  1. I'm a bit envious of your Spring looking weather!
    Love all the parks and play. You have such an active life, its FUN.
    That green bridge is amazing.
    You should consider getting some family pics on that. What a back drop.
    AWESOME JOB P at the big boy cup! A big milestone indeed. Your littles are so cute, even in time out corners!

  2. What fabulous photos and a lovely post. Budapest looks like a beautiful city. My children are exactly the same, one hurts the other one and goes to the 'naughty step' - then the other one cannot bear being apart and goes to join them! I am totally loving Claudia measuring the bowl with her head, I wanna give it a try! :o)

    Sarah x

  3. Look at her curls and that fur vest! I am in love with that last photo! So beautiful!

  4. i love that she replied to you with "nem"!! Haha :) do they learn hungarian at school at all? it's such a difficult language to learn...that would be awesome if they were able to catch on easier as kids!

    1. Hey Liz, you know, she says a lot of words in Hungarian (sometimes instead of, not in addition to, the English word for something). I think it is easier for them to learn b/c of their sponge-like brains. She doesn't take Hungarian lessons, but picks it up from her Hungarian friends at school. She's my translator. =)

  5. Hi my name is Catherine and I found your blog via google, I am Brazilian and I am following your blog, forgive my English lol kisses

  6. i love the photos of Claudia helping in the kitchen. so sweet! and so stylish! i would put my little lady in that last outfit in a heartbeat!

  7. oh such beautiful children. Love the pictures.

  8. Claudia's head in the bowl? Priceless. I actually LOLed about this bc I'm sure Gray has done the exact same thing at least once. All of those curls make it even cuter. :)

  9. Haha, love the bowl picture! And that slide is amazing. We still have lots and lots of snow but I'm hopeful it will melt in a few weeks in time for Easter?! Great photos!

  10. I'm catching up on your blog if you can't tell! :) Looks like a great week! That huge slide is awesome, I've never seen anything like it! How sweet of Patrick to bring Claudia toys, such a soft heart!!

  11. My two love yelling at each other as well. Though for me it is a bit stranger considering how much older Jarvis's big sister is.



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