Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Busy Bop

Just some fun stuff with Claudia this week.    

I kind of love her little dismount move.  They teach them the basics of gymnastics, but its mostly tumbling, laughing and playing.   It's her favorite hour of the week, hands down.  
We were flooded with art from the first "semester" of PreK. The dining room wall was looking mighty bare, so we made a little gallery wall with her favs.  She loved that!   
The artist & her art.
Swimming is new.  Her PreK class just started lessons during school, but they invited the parents to check out the first class.   
I can't help myself... I get so tickled when she puts those little goggles on. She calls them her "googoo goggles."
Any nerves she had about swimming melted away the instant they instructed them to start kicking.  They were all going nuts.  So funny!  
Seeing how it is STILL snowing, we will definitely be swim-ready by the time summer gets her.  If it gets here!  Yuck, I'm so over winter!  


  1. I love your photos, Meryl. Claudia is so elegant on the beam, and such a beautiful young lady! It looks like you have been having lots of fun this week. x

  2. These are amazing photos! I adore her suit-and how cool is that, that her class offers swim lessons, that's not popular around here!

  3. So stinkin' cute! Love her inside out leggings!

  4. These photos are gorgeous. I hope you are making books and prints. You have a great photo eye!
    Love the beam photos.
    How cool is that to have an ART WALL! What a way to honor her imagination. Love it!

  5. Love the idea of a gallery wall!


  6. Those black and white photos are just gorgeous! And I love that they do swim lessons in school there. They do that here in Australia, too- they're huge on water safety. I think it's so neat!


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