Monday, December 3, 2012

Ten Months (is too close to ONE YEAR)

As we inch closer and closer to the one year mark, I become more and more attached to my little man.  He keeps me smiling from the moment we wake up (which is really way too early) until the moment I put him down.
He is a-crawling, a-climbing and a-cruising all over the house.  In doing so, he is not careful, cautious or concerned about his  physical well-being.  This has left me a nervous wreck, hovering over him every step of the way.  That said, I am proud of his unwavering bravery! 
 He was pretty cheeky for a diaper change the other day and the lighting was decent, so I snapped away. 
A choo!  He's very much like his father in that he practically screams out his sneezes.

He is sleeping nicely at night and taking two naps during the day.

He doesn't want to eat baby food.  He thinks its total junk now.  He wants what we eat, so I cook everything to extra sogginess and give him what we eat.  The slow cooker has been very helpful.

Paddy doesn't have much to say, but when he does, it's "Ma Ma Ma Ma" or "Ba Ba Ba Ba" or "Gaaaa  Gaaaa" and a lot of "OOOOOOOO".  When I asked the pediatrician if it was a problem that he doesn't talk too much, she reassured me that his personality is just coming out now.  She asked about Russell's personality and if he is quiet.  I guess now I know where we're headed.  I think he'll balance out Claudia nicely.  =)

Patrick is holding the injector for his antibiotics.  He had his second ear infection this month and was tough as nails about it.  And was a very good sport about taking his meds.

pulling up

made it!

Absolutely addicted to the paci

See the drool about to roll off his chin?  He just cut his 8th tooth & I didn't even realize.  My friend gave me the most amazing homeopathic teething syrum & it is working wonders.
And it looks like he will be taking after Russell in another respect... those super long legs take him to and fro pretty quickly.  Makes for fun times playing chase around the house!
Happy 10 Months, Paddy!


  1. When did he get so big! I swear they grow overnight.

  2. such a gorgeous child!!! you are one lucky mom!
    Helene in Between

  3. Hi Meryl! I stumbled across your blog and am your newest follower! Your little ones are too cute! I have a 12 month old and totally understand the wanting to eat everything you eat part of things :)

  4. Awww what a cutie! They do grow so fast...someone should have told us after you have kids time flies! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I look forward to reading more about you!

  5. Hi Meryl! Thanks for visiting me over at Moms Surviving Kids! I would be happy to help you with some tips for your three year old. Will you shoot me an email so we can communicate that way?

  6. Oh what lovely pictures!! Patrick is a beautiful little boy!
    I think you may have future in photography :-)

  7. The sneeze picture is oh-so-cute.

    XO Jill

  8. Happy 10th months Paddy! You are just too cute! :)

  9. What is the name of the wonderful teething stuff? Hayes is cutting his 18month molers and is a holy terror, screaming most of the days! I can't take it! I know he's in a lot of pain too, as well as his butt! It's like Jeckyl and Hyde when he is teething! I love what you post!

    1. Poor Hayes. :(. I'm sending you an email ab the drops I'm using.


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