Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Two Cents on Gun Control

Day to day, my blog is just where I share pictures and accounts of our family.  I don't get political here.  But almost a week has passed since the tragedy at Newtown and it is weighing on me.  I'm sure it is weighing on everyone.  Watching the news coverage, I just shake my head.  So many defenseless children and teachers, all lost.   I feel helpless and just want to hold my children tight and pray that this kind of senseless act of evil doesn't happen again.  But it does keep happening. 
Personally, I have never been a strong proponent for or against the right to own, possess and carry a gun.  If pressed, I usually defend the second amendment, in particular, as it has been interpreted to ensure the right of an individual to possess a gun in the home for self-defense.  
In light of Newtown, I have to say that our gun control laws are failing us.  If kids, the smallest of the small, cannot be safe in their schools, something has gone terribly awry. I don't think guns in general should be illegal.  I just think that guns should be a lot harder to acquire.  I think that ordinary citizens do not need assault rifles.  I think that gun owners must undertake heightened measures to secure their weapons from theft or loss.  
Ultimately, violent people may still commit acts of violence, but if stricter gun control laws make it harder for such people to commit such acts, I welcome reform.   I came across this website from a friend.   They propose some very reasonable measurements that may make this country safer.  I don't want to argue and I don't want to debate.  I'm just very, very saddened about what has happened and am looking for some kind of voice of reason.   

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