Thursday, December 6, 2012

It Snowed!

Coming from Texas, this just doesn't get old. Not a single bit. Well, we could have done without it last year when we had to drive newborn Patrick back out to Telki hospital, at night, through the woods, in a snow storm for his jaundice treatment.  And I also could have done without the giant, half-melted snowball Claudia "saved" in my purse yesterday.  Aside from those two things, the snow is beautiful.  I'm pretty miserable driving in it, but it is beautiful.  Did you know its 80 degrees farenheit in Houston today?   80 degrees!    
Patrick enjoyed looking at the first few flurries on Monday.

But then it looked like this by Wednesday morning.

Front patio, nice and icy. 

Claudia's slide, frozen solid

Claudia trudging around in the snow, exploring and yelling back and forth at the next door neighbor boys.

ear to ear smiling

Falling face first into the snow didn't wipe off that grin.

Paddy rolled around in wagon for a bit, then wanted in.  He found a pinecone in the wagon and did his best to eat it up.  He really loves nature.

We stayed in pajamas for most of the day and drank hot chocolate.  Great snow day!  Doing the same thing tomorrow!


  1. beautiful photos! i feel the same way about Minnesota growing up in Georgia. snow is so pretty! at least the first few times it falls :)

  2. So GORGEOUS!! How amazing to have a true white christmas! Make plenty of snow angels for Caroline and I!

  3. Wow it seriously looks like a winter wonderland!

  4. Thank you for stumbling on my blog! I would love to visit Hungary some day - preWWII I had many relatives in Kishvarda (which I believe is not too far from Budapest)!


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