Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Fun

Mother's Day weekend officially started on Friday at Claudia's school.  The children performed five songs and then all the moms and kids made beaded friendship bracelets together.   The performances were pretty awesome.

They clapped.

They rolled.  

They indicated they loved us this (wide arms) much!

They also loved us this (reaching up high) much.

And a self hug to round things out.

Claudia kept the bracelet for herself (observe her left wrist), but I don't care.  The singing was pretty much all I needed. 

And sweet Paddy was there too.  God bless his heart, he is always surrounded by no less than five children at a time, shouting "baby" in about five different languages.   Doesn't seem to matter where they come from, kids all over this world love babies and the universal means of communicating this love is to get about two inches from a baby's face and shout out "I love you, baby", in the child's language of choice.  

Bop made lots of crafts for me, including this painted plaster mold of her hand.

And this diploma...

... which certifies me as the "World's Best Mum!"

And a big thanks to Daddy for procuring such items as my favorite flowers, favorite cereal, favorite pastry, favorite magazines and favorite nail polish.  Let me tell you these items are hard to come by around here, so BIG thanks to Daddy. 

This one ate my Lucky Charms, though.  I think it was the first time she's ever had them... she carefully picked out and ate all the charms.   Not a big surprise, as they are the most delicious part of the cereal. 

I'm so thankful to have these two children to celebrate with this Mother's Day.

They made my day!

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  1. This looked like a very special "Mum's day." I love your celebrity magazine on your breakfast tray. Perfect.


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