Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This and That

This picture is pretty indicative of how this post is going to be... random, but hopefully enjoyable!

Paddy is multi-tasking (using hands and tooties to play with his toys)

He droooooools too.

Daddy taught CC to play Wii tennis.

She got into it.

She flung and flailed her arms about... sometimes the ball even went over the net!

Eventually (5 minutes after starting), she explained she wouldn't be playing anymore as "Wii makes me too tired." 

Hopefully Paddy will someday play Wii with Daddy, as it appears that Claudia likes it about as much as I do, which is very little.

Paddy loves Daddy, so I have no doubt he'll play Wii with Daddy.  Just need to wait about 3 years.

So I actually got a picture with Paddy. 

Because this is usually what happens when such a pose is attempted.

I have about 50 pictures of Claudia in front of the camera, with a blurry Mommy & Paddy in the background.  What a camera hog!   Same principle applies when we are skyping anyone.

It appears that Paddy's eyes will be brown like Mommy's.

Although, if the light hits them just so, they have some green like Daddy's.
Like I said, just a bunch of random pictures, but that's just how this week has been.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


  1. Why is it that every moment at your house seems to be the most interesting of days at my house!

    Mandy and I were talking last night about how good you are at documenting things and capturing all the great moments in a day.

    Love these random posts!

  2. do you have a SOCK BUN??? i've been trying that and can't make it work!


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