Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paddy is Three Months!

Little Paddy is now three months old.  THREE!   I could gobble him up he is so darn cute.

Paddy Cakes is learning to put himself down for naps.  He takes about five of those every day.  He is down to one to two night wakings (a huge improvement from last month's five to six wakings!).   Little man goes down at 8 pm, wakes at almost 1:19 on the dot, and sometimes wakes up again at 3:30, other times makes it until 5:30.  He is actually getting really into tummy time, well, as much as any 3 month old really gets into tummy time.  He hated it last month.  And now he does not.  He can grab stuff that dangles from his baby playmat and still has freakishly strong leg strength.  He has decided that he hates the tummy tub and wants to recline in his inclined baby bather.  So we do that.   Whatever little man wants, little man gets. 

He loves his daddy.  Loves to smile at him.  But if Daddy gets Paddy up from a nap and Paddy was expecting me... he will get pretty upset with Daddy.  Daddy does not take this personally.

What do they have in common?  Neither likes to pose for my pictures.  One scowls, the other smirks.  Thank goodness for Claudia, who randomly asks for her picture to be taken.  A girl after my heart.

We'll just do candids with these two.

I look at this picture and it dawns on me that it might be time for Claudia to get a haircut.  You see it grows up and out.  Like a shrubbery.  A beautiful little shrubbery.   It's been three years.  It's time.

Happy three months to little Paddy Cakes.   He is such a tasty little treat!  Big thanks to both children for simultaneously napping today!  Amazing!!


  1. I love Claudia's "shrubbery" ... I have a fondness for wild and crazy hair!

    And I love Paddy's Blabla dool. We have Mirabelle the Bunny!

  2. I loved this post! So charming and fun the way you wrote it :)

  3. Love them all! The pic of you and Paddy is gorgeous!!

  4. You have the CUTEST kids. I, too, adore the "shrubbery." I think Paddy looks a lot like Claudia!

  5. Paddy is so cute...and long! I would do anything for Olivia to have half the hair Claudia does!

  6. I adore CC's hair and envision C with it too b/c that's what Foxy's looks like!! Paddy is precious and that last pic of the two of you is gorgeous!! And yea for a double nap! It is the little things!!! :)

  7. So sweet! Love CC's hair :)! And I cannot wait to hold that sweet Paddy!! Why can't it be June already!!!??

  8. HE IS SO HANDSOME!!! what a precious little man!!!!


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