Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Land is Ireland

The last stop on our summer vacation was Ireland. We rented a car in Dublin and drove around the Irish countryside looking for shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns, that kind of thing.
Blarney Castle is home to the famous stone which, if kissed, is fabled to give you the "gift of gab." It's speculated that the stone was either brought back from the Holy Land by crusaders or that it was part of the Stone of Scone. Either way, I don't recommend bothering with this thing for these reasons: (1) the nightmare stairs; (2) two surly old men have to lower and hold you while you dangle backward and belly up to kiss the stone; (3) I got a very nasty cold after kissing this germ encrusted hunk of rock.

My favorite spot was in Kinsale, a beautiful spot on the southern coast of Ireland. We had a lot of fun exploring Charles Fort, a former British fort situated there.
Outside of Kilkenny, Ireland, we found the Rock of Cashel. This is where St. Patrick baptized King Aengus in about 450 A.D. The Rock was fought over by Irish clans for hundreds of years and was eventually vested to the Catholic Church. The Cormac's Chapel and St. Patrick's cross were pretty impressive.
family photo in Kinsale
Bop giving Daddy a big ole kiss on his nose
This guy was positioned in the lobby of our hotel in Kilkenny. It had something to do with the football team there. She hugged and kissed him and said it was her "best friend."
Claudia rode on countless cannons on this trip. She was especially excited to find this one at Charles Fort, as we explained it was probably a baby cannon, operated by Irish children a long time ago. She hopped on began shouting out orders.
pretty view from Kinsale
It was a fun trip for this Scot-Irish family! I even feel a tad bit luckier since visiting this beautiful land. The food was fantastic... lots of meat and potatoes. The people were very friendly... everyone asks you if you'd like something to drink, e.g., "Guinness for the lady and baby? Whiskey for the gentleman?" The views were breathtaking... especially when traveling with a tot who wants a view from the very edge of every castle and cliff you climb. It was a memorable trip and we are so thankful for the opportunity to see such beautiful spots.


  1. I am SOOO jealous!! I've always wanted to go to Ireland and I just told Sean like 3 days ago we need to go now while we only have one child to tote!! Hoping to go in April or May!!! The pics are beautiful, but I've heard that about the blarney stone--also heard people pee on it--yuck!! It just looks so gorgeous!!! C's hair is too cute and I love her "best friend"!!

  2. Oh Deni, I think I'm going to be sick after learning that people pee on the blarney stone! And I don't doubt it ... saw lots of drunk Irish folk during our stay.

  3. Too funny about the blarney stone! Pics are gorgeous - hope we get to go someday!


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