Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shine On

No, this isn't the best picture of Claudia. Fresh out of bed. Bleary eyed. I'm posting it because this is what I see each morning as Bop emerges from her room and begins moseying around the house. The bright morning sun streaks through the windows and her hair becomes a glowing halo. For about fifteen minutes each morning, she has the look of an angel. Then the sun completes its ascent and things are back to normal. As normal as its gonna get, at least.


  1. I love that curly head of hair!! Later in life, if you need any curly hair management advice, I'm here!

  2. This is usually how I see miss CC when we Skype! I love that I get to see her right when she wakes up, :) we always have the best conversations! She is such a sweetheart!


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