Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giddy Up! Let Me Catch Up!

A couple of weekends ago, we went to the Hungary National Gallop.
It's an annual event where they sell heart-shaped lollipops the size of your child's head.
They also shut down the main thoroughfare in Budapest, turn Hero's Square into a giant race track and race horses while wearing historic Hungarian garb. Lots of banners, lots of fanfare.
The races are pretty exciting.
I thought so at least.
There's so much excitement that, eventually, even the pickiest crowd gets interested.
Here's Bop screaming "Go, Big Blue! Go!" That's what we named one of the jockey/horse teams that was clad in blue.
They also spiral cut whole potatoes, dip them in a fryer & serve them on sticks.
Last week we discovered Claudia's new favorite snack... popcorn! When you hand her some, she smells it for about minute, commenting "This smells delicious." Then she eats it and comments "This tastes delicious. You cook good popcorn, Mommy."
We also had another Budapest guest last week... Mr. Karim! Or "Mr. Cream!" as Claudia calls him. Karim lives in Dubai and works in Iraq, so he had many interesting stories for us on his visit. Claudia is a big Karim fan because he graciously shares his desserts with her.
There was also lots of love for Daddy last week. And this week too!! Because...
Yesterday was Russell's birthday!!! Sweet Russell shared his birthday wish with Claudia. She later told us she "wished for fish." That would be nice. We are landlocked here.
So here's to Daddy on his birthday... because it was a special one!!

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