Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I realized that we had not yet taken Bop to the Tropicarium,
the aquarium here in Budapest.
Soooo, we went. She liked it.
Here she is jumping up... in surprise... because this guy was right behind her.
... a gator! And suddenly Budapest feels like home.
They billed the two "Mississippi Alligators" as "exotics."
It gave Russell and me a decent laugh.
Claudia mostly wanted to hug, kiss and hold the fish.
Its hard to explain why fish must remain in the water to a toddler.
But it sure makes me glad to know she's full of so much love.
She was most excited by the tank full of Nemos.
Now here's just some pretty fishes & friends that Claudia liked best.
Pretty litle guy. Or girl.
Baby shark. There were tons of these little guys patrolling the waters.
I think this guy wanted to come home with us.
It wouldn't work out, though.
Winston eats lizards.
My favorite. He gave me a high five.
with. his. foot. !!

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  1. Pretty neat place! It seems like there is a lot to do in your area. We need to take our kids to the aquarium in N. O. someday. Thanks for sharing!!


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