Tuesday, May 6, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Well, hello!  I have exciting news for anyone reading!  First, pardon the interruption here. We've been getting ready for a big move... back home!  America, here we come!   In just a few weeks, the movers will pack everything up and away we go to Texas.  We've been keeping busy here, soaking up all the goodness of Budapest while we still can, and getting ready for our return to Texas.   Here's a recap for the past two months... 

Well, this is what the end of winter looks like in Hungary.  These, friends, are Busos, dressed up in the traditional costumes and armed with huge, wooden noisemakers, ready to scare away winter.  If you travel down to Mohacs, Hungary, you can see them ride down the Danube River in canoes, carrying torches, and continue on their way throughout the city for a parade and a giant bonfire in the main city square.  
These two weren't a bit scared of the Busos.

Paddy petted this one on the head and called him "kitty."

It was certainly a nice day in Mohacs to scare away winter.
And just like that, the weather warmed, the fields turned green and spring found its way to Hungary.

Daddyboy has been busy travelling back and forth between Budapest and Houston for the past month.  He has been missed very, very much... especially by this little dude.  

Hand painted Easter eggs are popular here. I found lots of pretty ones shopping at the Easter Market in Vorosmarty Ter.  So far, they are all in one piece.  Fingers crossed they make it back to Texas.  
This little one did a great job dying her eggs again this year.  
And the Easter bunny left lots of great treats.

For career day at school, Claudia chose to be a nurse.  She spent the day vaccinating, bandaging and caring for her classmates.  
C's school also had a teacher/student swap day.    I wish I had pictures of all the kids in the class.  They all showed up in shirts, ties and mustaches or little sweater sets with old lady glasses.  She's wearing my old lady glasses, by the way.  

And she turned FIVE!  I have more pictures from her dinosaur party to share later.
We took refuge in an abandoned factory during a rainstorm... turned out to be a pretty great place to have fun and feel very small.  

For Russell's last night in Budapest, we went up to the Citadel to get one last look at the city.

Little man likes to hop up the stairs. 

So, that's all for now.  And now that things are relatively under control around here, I can say with near certainty that I will not go another two months without posting.  ;)  


  1. Super pumped to see you back on here! PHEWF, you aren't gone.
    Even more pumped to hear you are heading back to America!!!
    Gorgeous photos in this entry, all of them.
    Those Busos are so scary to me!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Kiddos are getting SO BIG!

  2. Great post, and nice to know that you have reappeared! :-) Good luck with the move back!!!!

  3. I was wondering where you went! Congrats on the move back to the US!

  4. Pretty pics. Love the kitty comment and the pic of C and R with their kolbatz. Miss you!

  5. Wow - that is massive news! Yay, you must be really happy to go back to the US, but also sad to say goodbye to Hungary. You have had such good adventures there and created lots of fabulous memories! Please keep us updated, I have missed your posts! :) Looking forward to hearing about Claudia's birthday, a dinosaur party sounds cool. I loved all of your photos and the update of what you have been up to, Easter looked like great fun and I loved the little personalised Easter baskets. The photo of Claudia in front of the graffiti is so cool, that was a great little temporary studio you found there! Take care Meryl and I hope all of your packing goes well (and it is stress free). :))

  6. wow I just read this!! So happy for you guys. I'm sure your family will enjoy having you closer too.

  7. Clearly, I'm very behind in my blog reading! Big news for you all! I know all too well how bittersweet this time can be. I hope you have a smooth transition back to the US. Off to do some more catching up on your blog...


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