Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Particularly Prehistoric Party

Turning five is an exciting thing. I've always considered five to be a bright line marker between baby and big kid, so I guess my sweet girl has made the leap to big kid.  No turning back from here! 

In the months leading up the big day, Claudia settled on a "pink and dinosaur" themed party.  I made the cake at about 2 am the morning of the party.  It looked a lot better in the dark, but it did taste pretty good!

 To celebrate this milestone birthday, she requested a dinosaur dig.  With some help I was able to turn our garden camp fire pit into a dino dig site.  It took about twenty bags of sand and a bunch of "fossils" I ordered online.  Weeks later, it is still keeping the kids entertained.

Claudia had a pretty great time celebrating with all her little gal pals.
I managed to get the "magic" candles that continuously relight themselves... which proved to be not so magical when I nearly set the kitchen trash can on fire.

They called themselves members of the "Five Year Old Girls Club Who Make Soap."  They were turning flowers and hand soap into ... soap.   :)

Claudia's dino pictures made a perfect birthday banner.

It was a most happy birthday for my dino-loving, soap-making, super big five year old girl!  

Oh, Claudia, you light up my days, sweet angel!

Happy birthday to you, sweet C.  I love you to pieces!  xo, Mommy


  1. Happy birthday, Claudia! It looked like you had a great party! I agree with you Meryl, five is definitely 'big kid' territory. I think it was a great idea to make a dinosaur dig, it looks fab! Enjoy the rest of your week. :)

  2. Kinsey turns 5 in July. I'm in serious denial, but you are right--a huge milestone! She is precious. And love the dinosaur dig idea!

  3. What a fun birthday party! I love that last photo of Claudia swinging. Scratch that, I love all your photos!

  4. so good! happy birthday to her!


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