Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall is My Favorite

Is it fall yet where you are?  Or are you moving into spring?  Either way, it's always exciting when the seasons start to change.  For us, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing and the garden is full of apples, plums and walnuts.  

We share several trees with our next door neighbors, so the boys next door have been coming over to help shake the trees for walnuts.  Claudia has been busy picking apples.   And I have kept busy cleaning smashed up plums off of Patrick.  He spends almost every waking minute outside under the plum tree, so this has become a full time endeavor.  I'm really over the plums.

I'm really glad she isn't afraid of bugs, but I'm also very surprised by how cozy she is with them lately.   It's all fine and good with me, though.  Just as long as they stay outside.  =)
We attended the National Gallop last week.  Every year, they shut down Andrassy, a huge thoroughfare running through Budapest, and turn Hero's Square into a giant dirt track for horse racing.  They are many local Hungarians that compete, but there are also riders from all over the world competing.  Qatar was the big winner this year.  
This one was just pitiful ...until she got...
... a lolly larger than her head... which gave me a flashback to 2011.
Nothing but smiles for the rest of the day.
After we drop sister off at school, this little guy gets to run wild through the field next door.
Are these fields of ragweed?  Canola?  I don't know.  But it's really pretty against the bright blue sky.  And there are all kinds of paths that have been cleared out for runners, cyclists and little adventurers like Patrick.  

Not sure why she looks so serious with her face full of curls and afternoon shadows.  Ever since she was  a baby, she has moments where she zones out and just stares at me without saying anything.  These make for good moments to get a still picture.
She snaps out of those quickly, though, and then I get faces like this.  
Patrick.  Busy as ever!

And see this?  They are really starting to do "stuff" together.   A few weeks ago, he swiped a marker off Claudia's desk and commenced his masterpiece on our living room couch.   =(   We steered him back over to the table and told him that this was where we draw.  On paper.  
Sometimes he gets a little grabby, but I'm really impressed that he wants to draw and can even hold the markers so nicely in his itty bitty hand.
And look how patient big sis is!   When they play together, there are so many activities that end in screaming and tears (e.g., Legos, blocks, doll house...), but this is not one of them.  Not yet, at least!
And voila!  A picture by them both.  =)

Happy fall to you all!


  1. Gorgeous photos. Claudia's hair is amazing.

  2. so sweet!!...and yeah the whole bug thing I dont get it- Savannah LOVES bugs, yuck!

  3. adorable! I can't believe you have pears and apples and walnuts. Sounds amazing. Fall is starting to hit here. I'm ready for the change in color!

  4. Emerson and Olivia like to draw and color together...until Emerson writes on Olivia's paper. After that it is nothing but a fight!

  5. love baby girl's serious face, and the one to follow. such a beauty-- both of them actually! and your little man looks pretty at home with a marker in hand. so sweet!

  6. We are in autumn now too and I do love this time of year. Weather has been kind so far! We are going conker hunting later today which should be fun. I love all of your photos Meryl, and I am so happy that Patrick has started to colour! They do start to enjoy being together and doing more things like this the older they get. Claudia is a very patient big sister! Happy fall to you all! :)


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