Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye Summer + Hello School

The summers are not too terribly hot here in Budapest... usually in the mid to upper 80s (around 30 degrees Celsius), with just a few really hot weeks in the 40s.  So, unlike in Texas, I am sad to see summer go!  Boo!  Although, I love fall and all that comes with it, so I won't be sad for too long.  
The unfortunate thing about all this pretend driving is that the kids weren't pretending when they flipped the headlights on.
So the high beams stayed on into the night, until I saw them glowing in the darkness.  The lights were switched off, but the damage was done.  Dead car battery for Monday morning.  Boo to that too!  
But this is exciting... look who found his belly button!  Ah ha!
He loves wearing shoes and does his best to put them on himself.  This usually results in a big fit because he can't quite manage, but nevertheless, I am proud of his efforts and that he even wants to wear shoes period.  Sister was happy to run around barefoot all summer.

The days are definitely getting shorter, but we've been treated to some warm sunny afternoons.  Perfect for racing cars through the garden!
And look who can pull the wagon around by himself... Patrick!
I think it's still summer as long as the markets still stock watermelon.

And look who started school!   She was in the habit of sleeping late in the summers (unlike Mr. 5:00 am, Patrick Wallace McLendon), but on the first day she emerged from her room at 6:00 am, fully dressed, ready to go.

She was excited, but I couldn't get a smile out of her!
This came home in her "work folder" on the first day.
And this got me good... she was worried about Patrick and what he'd do for fun without her there.  I worried about this too, but as it turns out...
... he's doing just fine!  And I'm getting there!


  1. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous kiddos! Miss you all!

  2. I just loved reading this post, Meryl! Your photos are always so good and of course, it helps to have such beautiful little ones to take pictures of! My little lady had her first day at school too, and she loved it. I have really missed her though, it has been weird her not being around. Little J on the other hand has quite liked having the space, a bit like Patrick I suppose! I love the photo of him with his shoe, Jasmine has found her socks and insists on taking them off, all of the time. I lost them on the school run the other day and was retracing my steps to find them both. Hope Claudia continues to enjoy school, it sounds like she has really been ready to get stuck in and will have no problem adjusting at all. :))

  3. so so sweet! Bryce has really enjoyed school so far too. And I enjoy getting a little extra time with Kinsey :) I love the blue and brown shirt with skirt outfit!

  4. The last picture of Patrick, TOO cute!! Love their little outfits, as always! Glad that you guys are adjusting to school well!

  5. sweet post! looove your daughters top in the first photo! where is it from?


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