Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun Among the Ruins

The old Roman amphitheater near our house is the perfect place for adults wanting to pretend they are gladiators and children who want to run, yell and have their little voices amplified up to the heavens. I almost forgot about this fun picnic day at the ruins until I was going through some old pictures from last summer. I think this was on the last day of summer, actually. Makes me wishing and wanting spring to get here already!

Bop:  boost, please, Daddy.
Daddy and Bop are standing at the top of the stairs at one of the entrances. 
There were a few stone bench seats, but mostly it was grass seating. 

They ran around in center for a while and played some croquet too.  I'm curious what kind of shows this theater hosted back in the day.  Although the ruins are pretty much ruined, the accoustics were still impressive.  Claudia's voice rang clear and true up to the cheap seats.   I'm sure she will get a kick out of the Roman Colosseum some day.



  1. You're lucky to have this near your house - what a fabulous place to visit!


  2. What an amazing place! So jealous you are able to live around such amazing ruins!

  3. Roman ruins in Budapest?! how does that work? is this on marget sziget?

    1. Hey Liz, there's quite a few Roman ruins throughout modern day Budapest, but the main one is called Aquincum (on the way out to Szentendre). I think it was a Roman military base. Hungary, as well as chunks of several other neighboring modern day countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, Servia, Croatia & Austria were part of Pannonia Province of Roman Empire. The amphitheater we were visiting is in District 2, very close to District 3, near Obuda. Here's a website for Aquincum: If you ever went to Szentendre, I bet you past right by it. It looks pretty neat & is nicely preserved.


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