Sunday, February 7, 2010

Halftime Jitters

CC in her who dat get up, complete with tutu
CC ditches the tutu for splarkly pants and gold patent mary janes
Claudrey, having some pregame fun
Audrey, comes in for her close up
pregame wagon ride
Mommy and CC

It's halftime and we are all nerves at the McLendon house. We spent the afternoon at the McGraw's Super Bowl party where the girls fun playing and taking wagon rides and the grownups enjoyed some good eats. Everyone brought over their favorite Louisiana dishes. We brought over some stuffed pork and boudin balls and Russell made some delicious brownies from the Chef Folse cookbook. All the different foods were great and we had lots of fun visiting with the McGraws, the Echols and Tim and Kathleen. Now its halftime and we are back at home. CC has gone down for the evening and Russell is a bundle of nerves. The Saints have not been playing their best, but they have also contained the Colts. Let's hope the Saints dominate the second half! Go Saints!

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