Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome home, Claudia!

Claudia all swaddled up & ready to go home!
oh dear, the first attack of carseatitis was not good
rolling out of the hospital
Daddy & Claudia sharing a special moment
relaxing at home... in her mittens!
hello Claudia, I'm your Mommy!
the most beautiful sight I've ever seen

I cannot tell you what a huge relief it was to finally get our angel home from the hospital. The hospital is just no fun when your baby is at Texas Children's Hospital and you are stuck in the maternity ward at St. Luke's, still stuck with IVs & toting around various bags of fluids. When we picked you up from Texas Children's, we were so happy that they finally took off all the wires and IVs... but unfortunately, they had neglected to give you your Hepatitus Vaccination... so we had to witness that. The nurses in the NICU had nick-named you "the tea kettle", because you had a very high pitched distress call. This would be the first time we would hear your distress call and it was not so cool. Once you calmed back down, I dressed you in your little white homecoming outfit, swaddled you up, and got you ready for your ride home.
Once we got home, a sense of relief washed over us because we knew that our little family was safe. We got you feed, changed your diaper, then stared out you for the next 48 hours straight. It is so good to have you home, sweet baby girl!

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