Sunday, April 19, 2009

Claudia, you have company!

Daddy & Greatmemaw with the bop
Aunt Mandi... one of your very first visiters
Rachel was so excited to see your little face
Bonnie and Spano came all the way from Shreveport
Gram andGrandpa... they come to visit you lots!
Aunt Debbie telling you how beautiful you are
because you slimpy are gorgeous!
Great Memaw also drove in from Shreveport!

Since the time we brought you home, you have had many visiters and admirers stopping by for visits and sending you flowers and other goodies. Everyone is so amazed at what beautiful eye lashes you have. That was the very first thing I noticed about you when you were born... those beautiful lashes. The consensus among your visiters is that you are the most beautiful baby ever and that you are very loved!

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