Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Then Claudia Spoke to Noah

This happened a few weeks back, but I figured I'd better memorialize it here before it slips into the oblivion that is my memory. The Hungarian Natural History Museum is running a dinosaur exhibit. Nothing big, just ten of the most popular dinos stationed in an outside setting where the kids can observe and learn. While observing and learning, we discovered a large scale Noah's Ark exhibit.

The story of Noah's Ark has always been one of Claudia's favorite Bible stories and we do the puppet theater version around the house with some regularity. This is why I was surprised to hear her answer when I asked "Now who told Noah to gather his family and two of every creature onto the Ark?" Her reply "me. I did." Me again "you sure?" Claudia replies "yes, it was me." We went round and round for a few minutes, but her answer remained the same. Guess one more puppet show couldn't hurt.

All the animals, and Claudia, my little wild animal, marching onto the ark.
fascinated by the animals...
... and the bugs. The model ark also housed bugs, cones, seeds, fungi and every other little form of life you could imagine.
She couldn't care less about the butterflies, but was fascinated by the beetles and all the other creepy crawlers.
The primate section. All she could say was "the gorilla is sad. He wants his mommy."
This was actually the reason we came. To observe, poke and feed rocks to the dinosaurs.
She asked to be hoisted atop the T-rex so that she could ride him.
She settled for tossing pebbles into this guy's mouth because "he hungry."

So ends our dinosaur and Noah's Ark adventure!


  1. She is darling. We need to visit there soon!

  2. Fun! We need to do that, too.

  3. Of course Claudia spoke to Noah!! She's very influential that girl, see all the things she gets you to do?!?! :)


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