Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Two Month Appointment Involves Shots

waiting for the fun to start
Daddy exercising Claudia
post shots... she's tough as nails!
tough as nails, I tell you!

Just in case you wanted to know, babies go through more shots in their first year than I've dealt with in the past 20 years. Today was a super fun day for Claudia because she got to go to visit Dr. Ho for her two month appointment. It was all fun and laughs until Ms. Vanessa brought up the matter of the vaccinations. Two shots in BOTH legs AND an oral rotavirus vaccine. Not fun. Not fun at all. Remarkably, Claudia took it all like a champ, crying bloody murder for a few seconds and then it was all over. She immediately went to sleep when we got her into the carseat. Mommy & Daddy even went to get lunch. Good job, Claudia. Those shots are no fun. You did great!

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