Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Pictures, but Oh

I do love this one!
kissy kissy
yaaaawwn, about time for a nap!
my little angel
What tiny little hands you have

ok, you really look like a litle angel
out for the count

Today Gram and I took you for your first photo shoot. Needless to say... it did not go so hot. While the pictures are absolutely beautiful, you had a very difficult time. We have now discovered that you, my dear, have acid reflux. Today you were having a VERY difficult time with the reflux. Although we were at the photographer for about 2 hours, we only got a few shots in because you were in discomfort. It was the worst thing watching you scream and cry in pain and to not know what was wrong and how to fix it. Now we do know & we have got you on some high powered reflux medication. I'll always look back on the pictures and remember how tiny, beautiful and delicate you were, but Gram and I will also remember how horrible your reflux was on this day too. At least you still pulled out all these beautiful pics... what a little model!

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