Saturday, November 16, 2013


First, my favorites from last week.  These from Belinda are just plain cool.  And this picture of little Mason is so lovely.  Last, this beach pic from PoppyFox makes me want to go running for the nearest beach.  This week in Budapest was nothing but more rain and clouds.  So, I think a little black and white is appropriate.  

Not sure where it's coming from, and this picture certainly doesn't show it, but Claudia has been kind of crazy this week.  Lots of screaming, crazy laughing and tomfoolery going on this week.  I chalk it up to cabin fever and the impending full moon.  Thank goodness for the all-to-brief moments of quiet and calm. 
Unattended Halloween candy on the table calls for tippy toes.  This was his "I think I can" moment.   
And together.  He just wanted to give her a little kiss.  He loves her SO much and she loves him too, but not while Peppa Pig is on.  He got that kiss after the program was over.  =) 
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."  


Inspired by Jodi.   


  1. Haha the facial expressions of the portrait of the two together is priceless!

  2. So much emotion in all these photos.
    Love the black and white. Takes me to a totally different place.
    Love those littles.
    Thank for sharing!!

  3. Lovely expression in the last picture! :)

  4. Love the tippy toe pic. Priceless baby profile, baby belly, buns, and all. Pic of P kissing C sadly reminds me of my C trying to love on my E. so sad!!!!!

  5. Definitely a sense of serenity in Claudia's beautiful portrait. Love Patrick's determination, isn't it nice that he looks up to his big sister so much. Thanks so much for the shout out, Meryl :-) Have a great week! Belinda x


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