Thursday, July 4, 2013

Keeping the Curls (for one more week)

We attempted to get Paddy a haircut this week at a little children's salon by our house.  It was booked solid until next week, so we have one more week of the shag.  We still rode around in the awesome little car outside the salon, though.  
Claudia really liked the car.  Can you tell?  =)

Now that Claudia is home for the summer, we are doing lots of little "projects," which mostly involve Claudia dragging out her art supplies and fussing at poor Patrick the second he comes near a crayon or marker.  So today we put some supplies in his hot little hands and let him play.  He ate the paint, but you know what...
He cranked out some pretty awesome work!
And he figured out how to walk down the stairs today.  Another exciting accomplishment!
Naturally they don't celebrate Independence Day here, but we still do!  We made a cake to celebrate America's birthday.  
Both are pretty happy to be spending all day everyday together  now that preschool is out.
They still fight over the swing, so this was the compromise.  Sharing the swing. 
Jump rope training!
I didn't get any pictures from Bop's last day of school, but I had this one from a little bit ago.  The cool thing about an international school is that the kids come from all over the world.  The sad thing is that kids are always moving back to their corners of the world.   We have been very thankful to send Claudia to a school with wonderful teachers, staff and children.  We will miss her preschool so much!  Time for our big girl to move to the big school!


  1. I had such a smile at little Patrick with paint all over his mouth! That is so sweet! Get loads of photos of those curls before they go next week. :) Look at our little girls going to big school soon, we are going to miss our preschool too (and it will be on to making new friends as nobody is going to the same school). :( But it's an exciting time too! Happy 4th July to you, Meryl! x

  2. I am so thrilled to have found your lovely blog via and her link up.

    Such beautiful photos you have of your gorgeous family.



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