Saturday, July 6, 2013


There were so many great portraits last week.   This one of wee Eddy just made me giggle and I suspect he was loving it, given the latest wave of Texas heat.      Jane Mabel's black and white portraits are, simply put, beautiful!   And the picture of Logan with her suggestion to her mom to come and "chill" made me laugh.  It's great to see children in their little environments, surrounded by their important stuffs.  

As for mine, the title of these would be "I'm not tired."  After both of these pictures, the hot and busy subjects promptly passed out.  I credit the fatigue to summer heat and the fact that they simply do not stop moving.  I'm don't even know whether to call what they do "sleeping" or "losing consciousness."  Oh summer time!    

After proudly conquering a piece of playground equipment with a 6-12 year age suggestion, Claudia started showing signs of exhaustion.  This is her beautiful, but blank stare.  I get it when she is getting super tired.  Sweet thing just didn't give up until she climbed to the top.
And Paddy.  He fell asleep moments later, in his stroller, ice cream cone in hand.  I know he is tired if he can't finish ice cream, sweet boy.   Oh, summer time!

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."  
Inspired by Jodi.   


  1. Awwww, beautiful! Funnily enough, they don't look tired on the photos...but it's funny how mums can just tell! I can always tell with mine, and in seconds they are gone, ha ha. I love how Patrick fell asleep with his ice cream - now that is real tiredness!

  2. love the bright colors in these photos! Adorable children you have!

  3. Lovely portraits. You have captured the light so beautifully in the first picture. and Paddy must be really really tired to sleep with ice cream still in his hands.:)

  4. So sweet! I love how kids can just keep going til they drop (ice cream in hand - ha!). I always wonder how they can have just so much energy?!

  5. It is as if they go at super fast warp speed, then crash to a grinding halt. Same thing with Jarvis. Though what a waste of icecream!

  6. Aw, thanks for including us!
    These photos are great.
    Lately, we know all too well the over-heated/tired look.
    Sweet little babes you have! :]


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