Thursday, June 6, 2013

Troubled Water, Teething, T-Rex and a Telescope

We have been pretty lazy here this week.   Save for the Danube River reaching it's highest point in the over a century, there is nothing noteworthy to report.  The streets around the river have already started flooding and the river isn't supposed to peak until Saturday night. Not good.  Not good at all.  =(
This poor guy finally finished teething (I think?) this week.
He still nibbles on our fingers, though.  We are trying to show him its no fun to be bitten, but he thinks it is so funny.
Skyping with Gram is also funny.  =)

She's a "dinosaur" and she's "hunting" me (observe the tiny T Rex arms drawn up).

We made a book wall.  I saw it on Pinterest and its great.  We never have to search for the favorites and Patrick is even picking books off the bottom row and flipping through them.  
puddle jumping
He found the tiniest little puddle on the whole street, which is good, because we still haven't gotten this poor child any rain boots.  
I still haven't figured out what that is or where it came from.  It made a decent telescope, though.

Paddy had no rain pants or boots and was completely covered with mud (even his little nostrils), but didn't fuss one bit ... until I carried him back inside for bath time.  =)


  1. Ahhh! The t-rex arms... SO cute!

  2. Such a lovely post Meryl, I really enjoyed reading it! Patrick looks so sleepy and cute in that first picture, and I am soooo glad teething is finished for him! Your reading wall is amazing, I love it! I had seen something similar that I wanted to do here, but nowhere near as big as that one, it looks so cool! And I love the book collection you guys have. Jumping in muddy puddles looks like fun, the shots of Claudia are gorgeous! I heard about the Danube River, it's so sad! I really feel for those guys who are flooded. :( I hope the weather gets better soon! x

  3. Wowww your book wall is amazing. I wouldn't have space to do that but I've seen it on Pinterest also and thought it looked pretty cool. (I also have a little dinosaur that hunts me at home too!)

  4. adorable! I love moms who let their kids play in the mud ;) and the book wall is impressive!

  5. I LOVE the "This Is" books! What a cool book wall!

  6. Love the book wall. I have been considering doing something similar in the new house. Just have to figure out if it will work or not. The pictures in the mud are adorable.

  7. Love your book wall!!! I dream of one of those for my Cooper! The last picture is my favorite, Claudia looks SO happy!!

  8. HAHA that t-rex picture killed me. I love her scrunched up face- she's looking ver fierce. And that book wall looks AWESOME! I kind of want to make that same one with my Harry Potter books haha

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. Love that book wall! Also love those sweet kiddos!! Lets Skype soon!!

  10. Wow fantastic book collection!
    P.s. as Peppa Pig says 'if you're going to jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots!'


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