Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Then and Now

Russell has given me two days on the calendar year to dress the kids in matching, monogrammed sissy suits. Naturally, I choose Christmas and Easter.
Here is Easter 2012.  Sweet Paddy is SO little.

And 2013.  Sadly, these guys are no longer interested in posing for my brother/sister matchy matchy nonsense anymore.  No matter, I will keep doing this because it makes me smile to see them dressed alike.  Just twice a year.
In case your wondering, they are watching SportsCenter over my shoulder. 

I bet next year will go better, maybe.

They were really sweet about sharing their Easter candies, though.

Like I said, next year, better.  Maybe.

She looks very much the same, but seems so much older at four!
Just one more from last year.   At least Patrick is no longer in danger of being crushed by Claudia.  Thank goodness for that!  


  1. Lovely photos, and it will be so nice to look back on them next year to see how much they have grown again. It's amazing how Claudia looks exactly the same and you can only tell the current photo because of Patrick! I can tell these two are going to be very close. I love matching outfits, it just has to be done. :o)

  2. I love their outfits! So funny that your husband only allows it to happen twice a year, matching is my favorite!!!! I always say it but, your children are beautiful!!!!

  3. Your children are beautiful kisses

  4. Sweet memories for your kiddos!! They are adorable! Sending get well wishes!!

  5. So cute! I sneak in matchy outfit for my two. But it is harder because of the age gap. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas matched set!

  6. this is ADORABLE!!! your children are so beautiful!


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