Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Continuous State of Motion

Both tots are on the move.  Claudia on her balance bike.  Paddy on his play mat.  What's a balance bike, you ask?  Its an iddy biddy bicycle for iddy biddies.  It has no pedals.  It teaches kids how to balance.  Hence the name.  They don't do training wheels in Hungary, so all the kids start off on these, the result being the children learn how to ride bicycles much earlier and, from what I've witnessed, much easier.  

Claudia is getting pretty good at balancing.  She gets a running start on the bike, kicks up her little legs and squeals something like "this is how you doooooo it!" 

For the most part its a pretty exhilarating experience for her.  She did have one crash, though.  We were going downhill and she just got going too fast.  She didn't seem too shaken up.  Didn't cry.  But she was a little more cautious in her gliding.

Luckily, she's still at the age where kisses make things all better.

And also the stage where the bike is small enough for Daddy to carry it when CC gets pooped.

Bop glided herself to the park.   I couldn't help but take a picture of this.  This ridiculously awesome slide shoots the kids down so fast they always land face down in the sand. I suspect it would never pass muster in the United States.  Claudia always lies there like a slug in the moments following her trajectory from the slide.  Shaken up a bit, but still happy.  Like all kids should be on the playground!

Swinging like a big girl.

This is how Paddy spent his time at the park.

And here is little man rolling!  Rolie Polie Paddy Pie!  Pay no attention to the screechy voiced narrator.  That is definitely not me.  Definitely not.  Do note that Paddy slaps the camera at the end when I got too close to his face.  Seems like something his daddy might do!


  1. I love the iddy biddy bicycle. That is genius!

  2. ah! i never knew what those bikes were called!!

  3. Those bikes are awesome! Julie and Taylor got one for Shepherd for his birthday last month...I had never seen them before! Sorry I missed you and CC's call this morning- I was at the office! I really enjoy hearing her sweet voice leaving me "coached" messages, ;)! Too cute! Just a few more days!! Love you guys!

  4. We have one of those bikes, too, but have far from mastered it!!! I'm glad to hear it's possible!!! She's adorable!!


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