Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend on Ice with Icing

It's nice and chilly in Budapest so we decided to go out and test the ice.
The lake in City Park is nice and iced over. With the Vajdahunyad Castle behind the lake, it makes for a picturesque place to skate. I watched and drank hot chocolate rink side. The next stop was Disney on Ice. The downside was that the show was all in Hungarian. Nevertheless, Claudia had a ball, especially watching the Sleeping Beauty part. Claudia loves Sleeping Beauty and even wore her Princess Aurora costume to the show. There was lots of laughing, lots of oohing and aaawing... and occasionally Claudia would scream out "Nem beszélnek magyarul!" (I don't speak Hungarian) and "In English! In English!"
So here's the icing part. Claudia had a cookie decorating party with her playgroup a few days ago. She had a lot of fun cutting the cookies, but mostly liked licking the icing off the final product.
Look at that focus!
Look at all that icing! Shortly after I took this picture she licked those cookies clean. Seems like something Daddy would do. Claudia loved it. After this little party, I'm thinking a cookie or cupcake decorating birthday party would be pretty awesome.


  1. Claudia is so cute in her Aurora costume. I know another little girl that would prefer to lick the icing off a cookie than eat the whole thing!

  2. Love looking at all your adventures. How do you put your pictures like that? I want to do that!!

  3. Love it! Can't wait to ice skate when we get back. Hope you guys have a special Christmas!

  4. How fun! My girls would love Disney on Ice! Savannah really loves all the princesses :)!


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