Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Day and Other Festivities

Today is St. Nicholas (or Szent Mikulás) day in Hungary. It's the day when Hungarian children wake up to find goodies (oranges, apples, peanuts, chocolates) left for them by Bishop Mikulás. The night before he comes, all children are supposed to polish up their finest boots and leave them on a window sill or doorstep for Mikulás. If you've been good, you receive the aforementioned goodies. If you've been naughty, you get golden twigs or a wooden spoon. Most kids get both as no one is really all good or all bad. Claudia woke up bright and early to see what Szent Mikulás left for her.
Claudia: "What's thiiiis?" Me: "Your golden twig. Sometimes you can be a little naughty." She didn't dispute this.
She was pretty pleased to get her chocolate Szent Mikulás and chocolate boot.
Bop doesn't really have any fine boots, so she scrubbed her Lightening McQueen Crocs the night before. Besides, if you ask her, they are her very finest pair of shoes.
This week CC has been busy re-decorating the tree. She takes these painted ornaments I keep in a bowl (a favorite Christmas gift from my dear Avery) and she hangs them on the bottom of the tree. She then takes them off and then rehangs them onto the tree. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
They're not breakable and she loves to decorate, so this is a pretty fun activity.
Bop admiring her handiwork.
So on Saturday we went to our first Danish birthday party. Folks from Denmark do things a little different...
This is a traditional Danish birthday cake. It's in the shape of a man. After the birthday song is song, you slice the man's head off while all the children shriek with delight! Claudia and her pal Emilie (Dutch/American) quietly observed in confused anticipation. I guess you can take a Viking out of Denmark, but you can't take the Viking out of a Dane. The cake was delicious, by the way... similar to a king cake. Mmmmm....
Claudia ate the licorice hair off the decapitated Danish man-cake.
Claudia and the birthday girl, sweet Emily. Don't they look happy to have their picture taken?
We followed the party with more desserts at the Intercontinental, where we were hoping to get a glimpse of Santa.
We didn't get much Santa face time in (not even a picture!), which Claudia seemed fine with, but we did get to visit with some sweet friends. This is how it goes taking pictures these days... kids run crazy while you try to sit and smile. FYI, Claudia was dumping a chocolate sundae down her dress while this photo was taken.


  1. I am laughing out loud at this post! So glad I can live in Budapest via Meryl!! Sweet Claudia. Feel like I know your family just through your posts.

  2. What a cute tradition...love her lighting mcqueen boots...shoes :) she is too cute!!


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