Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Budapest Christmas Market and More Christmas Stuff

This past weekend we went to the Budapest Christmas Market. They have Christmas markets all over Europe this time of year and we've been to some in Budapest and Vienna. I love the one in Budapest because most of the goods are handmade and the crowds are not too overwhelming.We got Bop all cozy in her stroller muff and set out looking for some good food and some crafty Christmas stuff.
I got some Christmas ornaments from this booth - some handsewn cardinal ornaments. Our tree is all red and gold and is covered in cardinals, my favorite bird. I need to take some better pictures of our little tree. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in sparkles!
They sell all sorts of yummy treats at the markets... like roasted chestnuts...
... and delicious hot chocolate. Russell was in the process of buying some hot apple cider, but then he got into a little tiff with the cider guy. Apparently Russell asked "apple cider?" to the guy and the guy replied, in English, "I'll give you some apple cider when you say 'May I please have an apple cider?'" We're accustomed to most people not speaking English, so we usually point, grunt and say "kérem" (please) to get the things we'd like. Russell was so taken aback by this guy that he stormed off with no apple cider. He may have also told the guy off before huffing away. The chimney cake guy was much nicer. Chimney cakes are a cinnamon bread that is hot and toasted over open flame. They are delish!Bop pretty much just licks all the cinnamon off. The main Budapest market is held at Vorosmarty Ter, so of course we rode the lions, Claudia's favorite thing to do in Budapest. And look who was also there! Sweet Emily in her Santa hat!Later that day we made snow globes, one with a dinosaur, one with a palm tree. The dinosaur came loose and is now floating at the top of the snow globe. This didn't seem to bother Claudia, so we'll just let him be. Other than that, we've just been baking and eating sweets. Claudia mostly licks the bowls and eats sprinkles straight from the jar. We haven't talked much about Santa (recall she ran from him at her one Santa sighting) and we just got around to making a list for Santa. This is what Claudia asked me to write. Apparently she wants (1) a blue bunny, (2) a light saber, and (3) a cape like Darth Vader wears. She has never seen star wars, but has seen a youtube video of the Star Wars song, the Imperial March. She now marches around the house singing the song. Now will come the fun part of finding out whether Santa's workshop in Budapest is stocked with these items! I guess it would have been smarter to quiz her about this a little earlier. =)


  1. I loved this jam packed post! So much fun to be in such a beautful place for the holidays. Except for mean vendors! Haha! Merry Christmas!

  2. Hahaha, my favorite part of this blog entry is Russell storming off from the apple cider guy, lol! Too funny!!


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