Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Squish Squash!

our little squash eater
squishing the squash

wait, how did this spoon get in my hand???

Today we gave Claudia her first solid food, aside from rice cereal. We started with a lovely pureed squash. She was very suspicious of this new substance, but after a few bites, she realized she really didn't like it at all. But, being the good girl that she is, she humored her mom & dad by eating about half of the serving, squishing her hand around in it and finally flinging it around the room with her spoon. She is getting pretty good with wielding that spoon too. In the last picture she is cutting some eyes at it, though... suspicious utensil! We are going to give her squash for one more day and then move on to something even more exciting ... like peas. Good job, Claudia!


  1. It looks like she enjoyed the squash! Hopefully, we will be trying veggies in a few days! Happy Eating CC!

  2. Mittens Redbeard...ferocious pirate of the high seas..er...chair


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